Saturday, January 30, 2010

A famous SAT teacher was forced to renew his contract

This event occured in South Korea.
A famous SAT teacher was refusing to renew his contract with the original academy he worked for, because there were many other better offers to him with a higher pay.
The owner of the academy secretly called the teacher to his vacation house. The owner illegally detained the famous SAT teacher in his property, and forced him to sign a renewal with him by using physical force. After struggling, the SAT teacher was coaxed to renew it.
However, this story spread out and it eventually went to the police.
The owner of academy was arrested, and the SAT teacher was released from his contract and is now in United States, having going through mental treatment.

Although I am ashamed that this even occured in my country, this event is quite an interesting fact. Who would have imagined that there are some people who kidnap SAT teachers? This might show that Korean people consider learning as the primary objective in their lives. However, too much desire can potentially enhance the possibility of crimes occuring.
Regardless of their purposes, criminals must be punished.

Friday, January 29, 2010