Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Show Review!!

After watching couple daily show episodes by Jon Steward.

It was just hilarious seeing him talk about serious issues in a funny way.
I think it is an intersting way of presenting information that usually is boring or very little attractive in a way that the audience can easily relate to. Indeed, we can learn from it. He is sarcastic and cynical in his comments, but these comments contain some truth and honesty. It is a way of criticizing leaders and governments on their unexplainable actions. I usually do not pay attention to any political information, but I found I enjoyed watching these programs and I actually learned from them.

THUS, we have to see more of them in class!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Passion or Market Frenzy?
In the last few weeks, an incredible amount of people have bought the world cup 2010 album and they are now collecting the stickers that go with it. There are 638 stickers in total from players to team photos, team shield, and the stadiums. Now that we are 49 days away from the world cup, it does not seem out of place. However, what I find strange is the level of demand is extremely high. People who never showed any interests in soccer or even adults who you would imagine they grew out of collecting stickers, are now in a crazy race for buying and trading stickers. I mean, I have never seen anything like this in my life. I wonder if this is just the passion for a sport and competition, or a trivial reaction to marketing influence from companies and organizations who look for profit in this event.
Indeed, I was actually thinking about buying these stickers, since I follow and am a fan of soccer. However, I just do not want to be a part of this craziness and meaningless euforia.

Friday, April 16, 2010

South Korea at war (OFFICIALLY)?

Some strage events have been happening near the border with North Korea.
1. South Korean navy submarine has been destroyed by unknown factor. Witnesses claim to have heard two explosions in wave style. The vessel was split in half and sank to the bottom of the sea. Only a couple from crew survived, but they are currently isolated by the government.
2. A soldier posted at the border was shot dead. The government controlled media, and announced that he committed suicide, but what kind of suicide wound five different places including hand, legs, and chest?
3. A helicopter in scout mission has disappeared without trace also near the border of North Korea.

What the hell is happening? Could this be the reassuming of war?
I hope not, because my draft will up soon!!!!
A volcano in south of Iceland erupted this week after 200 years asleep.

The British airspace ministry has canceled all flights out and into the UK island due to the amount of ashes over the territory. This is the biggest airline system crash since 9.11.
The reason is that aircraft instruments can be damaged by the elements in ashes, which can put their consumers in danger. Also, the air filter in air planes cannot stop the ashes, and the air in the craft would be polluted instantly, which causes intoxication. There is no information about when the air over Britain will be cleared. However, it should not be any time soon.
Moreover, the massive cloud of ash and smoke is aparently moving towards to the European continent, and should arrive there in the next hours, which would cause an even bigger airline system crash.
What is happening to the Earth?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Personally, I cannot just accept this reality.

In Japan, an android robot is created. It can speak, walk, and most suprisingly it can even show emotions on its face.

On the picture, the women look almost exactly the same. The left side woman is the android, and the right side woman is real human, who volunteered to be a model for the android.
I am personally against the human individual cloning, and this android robot just seems to be the same thing as the cloning. Although we can make absolutely control those robots, I still feel like making those things are ethically wrong, and we are not even sure about if those robots are going to follow orders when they have Artificial Intelligence. Whatever, no matter what benefits that it gives to the human society, I am against that.
I cannot wait for the response from United States to that thing...

. is a chatting site that we discussed in class.
I was totally interested in this site and actually planned to visit, and I did.
However, there was an unpredictable problem occured when I entered this site.
That, you MUST have a web-cam activated in order to enjoy the function.
Unfortunately, my web-cam is currently broken, so I could not try the Chatroulette.
I really thought that there would not be any problem, since I heard that there are some
people who do not show themselves on the camera, but showing paper, wall, ect.
WHATEVER, since I cannot access the chatting, I should delay my plan until I buy my new laptop!