Thursday, September 24, 2009

Extreme Measures

All Korean men have mandatory military service at least once in their life unless they have physical or mental defficiency.
Army has been a frightening place for most young Korean kids in their late teenage years and early twenties.
Despite the fact that a mandatory service period is getting shorter, some kids are looking for a way to avoid the military obligation legally but with pain and high risk.
According to a regulation, people who have cronic problem with their shouder or people who don't have index finger are automaticaly dismissed from army duty. Everything seems fine. However, there are increasing reports of some people who are causing these injuries purposely in order to avoid the military obligation.
Not long ago, some famous TV stars were caught deliberately pulling their shoulder socket out of place to cause an injury that would release them from the service duty. Moreover, there was a report of a man cutting off his index finger with the same objective.
I believe the mandatory army obligation is being even more serious nowadays than before. However, a discussion on this issue could bring some interesting solutions for something that has become the terror of youth. Instead of all men having to going to the army, the government could define on necessary number of recruts annually and draw among the young people with age for service.

Monday, September 21, 2009

We don't use a term "must" in US?

I read an article about American social life and I have found a very interesting facts about the United States; that people do not use a term "must" frequently in their social life even though the term "must" is one of the most basic vacabularies that English learners face.

When American people advice their friends or the others they know, they do not use the term must or have to be. It is something that is cultural thing in United States, even though they advice to their friends about something, they do not force the others to do something because they believe the choice is the oppenent's freedom.

It is a very interesting article at least for me, because in South Korea, most of people advice to the others using the term "must" even though the people are not aware of the opponents if they are doing something wrong. American way to advice to the others might seem to be very kind, but I realised it that the advisor isn't 100% thinking for the opponent.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Diamond Super car

Sweden's super car brand "koenigsegg" released "Trevita" on September 11th. The engineers from koenigsegg first put carbon on Trevita's surface, and coated millions of silver white colour diamonds on it.
The time requires to this car reachs 100km/h from 0 km/h is only 3.5 seconds. Also, it contains the same engine as CCXR's, 4.7L V8 Engine, with 1018hp and 108.1kg.m torque.
One thing very interesting fact is that only three of this car are going to be produced.