Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Have you fell asleep during the day? I know your answer: yes.
However, sometimes you wake up with a sudden body movement?
Most people feel very embarrassed when they do that.
But, probably, not so many people know why it happens.
Now here is the reason
First of all, this reaction is called a “sleep start”.
It sounds little weird but there are five stages of sleeping
1. A doze
2. A light sleep
3. A deep sleep
4. A slow-wave sleep
5. REM sleep

The reaction happens when a person is distracted by something, when those stages are flopping over to the next stage. If the person is distracted, his body moves to wake up in unconsciousness, and it leads his body to the sudden muscle tension. That is why people sometimes wake up kicking the front person, or with a shock.

Friday, May 7, 2010

British without a head!

British face for the first time since 1974 an election where no majority won by any party. They are now in a hurry to make a multi-party deal, so that the country can continue with its difficult affairs of cutting budgets in 163 billion pounds. The probable winner will be the one who attracts the Liberal Democrats to their sides. Favorate is Mr. Cameron from conservative party.
Maybe they should get some experience from Brazil, where parties make alliances with each other without any ethic value to their political views.