Sunday, November 29, 2009

The most expansive Wisky I ever heard

It is called Windsor Diamond Jubilee
60,000 pounds are spent just to make the wisky, and adding the taxes and profits etc, the final price became about $300,000 for a bottle.
Since one bottle of this wisky is 700ml, there are 17.5 of 400ml size wisky glass. So, diving the $300.000 with 17.5, the price for a glass is about $17,143.
And the bottle is expansive too, it is made by the famous crystal company Baccarat , although I never heard this company's name before.. =P, diamonds, silver are used to make this bottle
But Isn't it expansive?

Friday, November 20, 2009

under 180, LOSER?

A 23 years old college girl's speech in a TV program is currently becoming a hot issue.

This girl, DoKyung Lee, had an opportunity to appear on a TV program called beautiful women's gossip. The issue came from her daring remark. She disparaged all men who has the shorter height than 180cm; She called those people as LOSER and said that they are not even considered as men. This nonsense proposal has influenced the South Korean society a lot in last couple months.

Many member organizations have sued the program and the studio because of this silly proposal. Moreover, some people are making a contradictary examples, using a famous people.
Bill Gates: 178cm
Thomas Cruise: 170cm
Napoleon: 168cm
Einstein: 175cm
Beethoven: 162cm

Although I am not LOSER according to this discernment; I think it is nonsence as the 88% of South Korean men are under 180cm and the average height is 173cm. I just feel ashame that I am have the same nationality.

Friday, November 6, 2009


90% of Dollar bills in circulation in the U.S. contains traces of cocaine on them, informs CNN article. The researcher says that it doesn't mean that all these bills were used for consuming the drugs directly, but that some of them could be contaminated when they contact with the other bills that were used for this purpose. However, 90% is still a lot, i mean it is way too much!
Isn't it shocking that the most powerful country in the world has this result?
What do you think about it? Do you think it is why there are so many social problems?
For a country that spends billions of Dollars on fighting drug traffiking, it seems a little hipocrite.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do you know what is "sleep start"?

Have you fell asleep during the day? I know your answer: yes.
However, sometimes you wake up with a sudden body movement?
Most people feel very embarrassed when they do that.
But, probably, not so many people know why it happens.
Now here is the reason
First of all, this reaction is called a “sleep start”.
It sounds little weird but there are five stages of sleeping
1. A doze
2. A light sleep
3. A deep sleep
4. A slow-wave sleep
5. REM sleep

The reaction happens when a person is distracted by something, when those stages are flopping over to the next stage. If the person is distracted, his body moves to wake up in unconsciousness, and it leads his body to the sudden muscle tension. That is why people sometimes wake up kicking the front person, or with a shock.