Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alien Life or Optical Illusion?

Some people believe that they are some kind of alien life or undiscovered life form. Others say that it is an optical illusion caused by the moving object in a camera lens.
The question that still stands is: what are RODS?
Rods were first seen in 1994 by Jose Escamilja who noticed them on footage he had taken in Roswell, U.S.A.
Since then, many theories have come up and these are the ones I found the most.
According to some, rods cannot be seen by naked eye because they move at incredibly fast speeds. They don't fly with wings instead they use some kind of propulsion technique. Another explaination is that they are made from some material that is lighter than air. While some argue that they could be some kind of alien life form, others believe they could be some ancient being hat has been discovered now because of modern technology.
On the other hand, some say that these strange images seen on tape are caused by reflection of light and the movement of the object, giving the sensation that it is a long object. They say that they are actually normal insects like moths, or flies caught on the camera spectrum.
Whatever they are, it is quite interesting to read and research about the subject.
I included some links to several sources of information on the web that defend both sides. Draw your own conclusions and most of all have fun.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Real's value is increasing.

The value of Brazilian money is increasing. According to money exchange rates provided by Korean Banks, the value of Real has been increasing in past three months.
Once, the value of Real was around 500won:1Real but it is now almost 700won:1Real. In other words, people can gain more money than before if they exchange Reals to the other countries' money in present days.
Although, no one is 100% sure about predictions of how the rates would change, according to this graph, it is quite obvious there is a high possibility of the value getting even higher than now even though the growth can be slow. However, it is also true there is a risk on waiting for the exchange rates rising more than present price, because it can be decreased instead of increasing constantly.
For instance, in my case I decided to exchange in present days rather than waiting for uncertain future. However, it will still rely on your choice to exchange now or risk for more benefitial but unkown future.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ex President Dae Jung Kim died on 2009.8.18

2009.8.18(Korean time), a dazzling star fell.
The former president of South Korea, Dae Jung Kim died. Although he was seventy-four years old, his sudden death
upsets the whole country. He was considered the symbol of democracy in South Korea.
He faced five deaththreats in his life and spent six years in a jail,because of his democratic practices and ideals. He tried out four times to be elected as a president and finally he became the 15th president of South Korea.
The ex president D.J. recieved the Novel peace price in 2000 and he was also chosen as one of the most effective leaders in Asia. Also, he created the Asian Pacific Association and worked as the chief director.
Consequently, he was also admired for his clean politics and the dignified image in front of the other national leaders. His distinct contribution specially remains in our mind because of the contrast with South Korea's current president, Myung Back Lee who has very low popularity levels.
One interesting fact is that on the night prior to the death of ex president Dae Jung Kim, my friends and I saw a shooting star fall from the sky as if anoucing the tragedy that was about to occur.