Friday, October 9, 2009

Fake ID

I think many people have heard about a fake I.D. According to the interview with a high school student A(18) in South Korea, many high school students, who are considered as the underage by a year, make their fake identification in order to buy cigarettes, alcohols, and to go to night club.
Making the fake identification is not that hard as people think.
*The first step is to scratch the number that you want to change with a knife.
*Then a bar code at the back of any book, cut the number you want.
*Using a glue, paste the number carefully on the ID card.
*Lastly, apply the hand coating film on the surface of the I.D. card.

Then ordinary people won’t be able to recognize the difference.This work requires outstanding performance of deftness in order to make the fake ID like real.
Many students are forging their ID card, not being conscious of the crime.

However, if they caught fabricating the ID card, it would worth less than 10 years in the jail. Trying to go to a night club can end up going to a jail.


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

That's a pretty stiff penalty. But when you say that many students forge their ID cards without being conscious of the crime, do you mean that they actually don't know that what they're doing is against the law, or just that they don't realize how high the consequences are of getting caught?

SeungYup Han said...

Oh, it does not mean that they do not know that it is against the crime. Although they are aware of the truth, they just do not feel it is a very serious crime and as some of them do not really care about those laws, they do not really mind about the punishment. Maybe because they know a fact that underage people do not go to a jail nor their moral view has been twisted