Friday, November 20, 2009

under 180, LOSER?

A 23 years old college girl's speech in a TV program is currently becoming a hot issue.

This girl, DoKyung Lee, had an opportunity to appear on a TV program called beautiful women's gossip. The issue came from her daring remark. She disparaged all men who has the shorter height than 180cm; She called those people as LOSER and said that they are not even considered as men. This nonsense proposal has influenced the South Korean society a lot in last couple months.

Many member organizations have sued the program and the studio because of this silly proposal. Moreover, some people are making a contradictary examples, using a famous people.
Bill Gates: 178cm
Thomas Cruise: 170cm
Napoleon: 168cm
Einstein: 175cm
Beethoven: 162cm

Although I am not LOSER according to this discernment; I think it is nonsence as the 88% of South Korean men are under 180cm and the average height is 173cm. I just feel ashame that I am have the same nationality.


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Claire wrote about this same issue a couple days ago. It was obviously an ignorant comment, but why would people be suing? That seems a little extreme.

SeungYup Han said...

It is not that every people are suing them. Some organizations of disabled people are suing them because it hurts them a lot. Like, they had hard time with their height and a gril on TV show is saying that they are LOSERS... it probably make them feel very bad.