Monday, August 24, 2009

Real's value is increasing.

The value of Brazilian money is increasing. According to money exchange rates provided by Korean Banks, the value of Real has been increasing in past three months.
Once, the value of Real was around 500won:1Real but it is now almost 700won:1Real. In other words, people can gain more money than before if they exchange Reals to the other countries' money in present days.
Although, no one is 100% sure about predictions of how the rates would change, according to this graph, it is quite obvious there is a high possibility of the value getting even higher than now even though the growth can be slow. However, it is also true there is a risk on waiting for the exchange rates rising more than present price, because it can be decreased instead of increasing constantly.
For instance, in my case I decided to exchange in present days rather than waiting for uncertain future. However, it will still rely on your choice to exchange now or risk for more benefitial but unkown future.

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

I'm glad that you've added in some of your own thoughts here. Your opinions and experience is what will make the current event news even more interesting. (I don't like to bet my money on the future, either.)