Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alien Life or Optical Illusion?

Some people believe that they are some kind of alien life or undiscovered life form. Others say that it is an optical illusion caused by the moving object in a camera lens.
The question that still stands is: what are RODS?
Rods were first seen in 1994 by Jose Escamilja who noticed them on footage he had taken in Roswell, U.S.A.
Since then, many theories have come up and these are the ones I found the most.
According to some, rods cannot be seen by naked eye because they move at incredibly fast speeds. They don't fly with wings instead they use some kind of propulsion technique. Another explaination is that they are made from some material that is lighter than air. While some argue that they could be some kind of alien life form, others believe they could be some ancient being hat has been discovered now because of modern technology.
On the other hand, some say that these strange images seen on tape are caused by reflection of light and the movement of the object, giving the sensation that it is a long object. They say that they are actually normal insects like moths, or flies caught on the camera spectrum.
Whatever they are, it is quite interesting to read and research about the subject.
I included some links to several sources of information on the web that defend both sides. Draw your own conclusions and most of all have fun.


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

That is really interesting. I'm not big into conspiracy theories, but it does seem hard to believe that we're alone in this universe.

What do you think?

SeungYup Han said...

Well, although it is also hard for me to believe this theory, I think it is till a very interesting thing to discuss.

marcio said...

I don't believe in conspiracy or ufos, but I am a firm believer of the existence of aliens.